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On display from May 26 to October 31.

This year's theme is 'Craftsmanship in horticulture'. A theme that fits in well with the Hortus, because the Hortus has been reaping the fruits of the knowledge and skill of its employees for centuries. Without craftsmanship, the collection would not be in such good shape and plant knowledge would be lost. 

Green craftsmen in the spotlight

This year, we are putting our horticulturalists and their specialities in the spotlight. Expect a beautiful new edition of our Hortus magazine (which you receive with a Hortus Friends membership), a new recipe booklet and videos in which we let our horticulturalists do the talking. You can read all about Green Craftsmanship on the triangular signs throughout the garden and enjoy a variegated plant exhibition in the Tropical Greenhouse.


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