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The Hortus team wishes everyone happy holidays and a joyful New Year! We look back on an extraordinary 2022, highlighted by the flowering of not one, but two giant penis plants (Amorphophallus titanum). 

The Hortus will be closed between Christmas and New Year, but we look forward to welcoming everyone again in 2023 to enjoy the garden. This is different every season. We look forward to the spring blooms, the sprouting of the winter buds and the growth and flowering of special plants in our Tropical Glasshouses. 

Starting 2023, you can enjoy the garden even more often, as from 2 January we will be open every day all year round (except 3 October and Christmas the holidays).

Opening hours will also be extended:
Opening hours winter: 10.00-17.00h (1 January to 20 march). 
Opening hours summer: 9.00-18.00h (21 March to 20 September). 

For our adjusted rates, please visit 

We look forward to introducing even more people to the beauty and importance of plants and nature in the new year.

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