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9 - 10 september 2017:  Farmers, citizens end countrymen

In the weekend of 9 and 10 September 2017, 33 Leiden monuments open their doors to the public. This is a unique opportunity to visit old buildings rich with history, ancient homes and university buildings. In many monuments there are small exhibitions and performances by Leiden choirs. This year’s theme is Farmers, Citizens and Countrymen; the monuments you can visit have traditionally been places where people of all ranks and positions meet, both inside and outside the city.
You can start with a coffee at the Hortus botanicus Leiden at 10 or finish at our place and buy some bulbs!

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Extra crowded Aug. 31 between 11-13 oçlock

Next Thursday 1500 international students will visit the Hortus on behalf of the Orientation Week Leiden. Students can enter and leave the Hortus botanicus Leiden via the Sterrenwachtlaan (bridge). Bicycles can be parked at Plexus. The main entrance is open for individual visitors.

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Exhibition Carnivorous plants 11-20 August

From 11 to 20 August a great variety of carnivorous plants is displayed on various locations in the Hortus. Children (and adults) can feed plants. In addition to this carnivorous plants are on sale from 11 - 13 August.

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Free guided tour on Thursdays

In August you can visit the Hortus and get a free guided tour through the gardens and greenhouses. The tours are in English and in Dutch. The English tours start at 16:00.

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European Exhibition and Exchange 2017 - Carnivorous congress 11-13 August

This year the international carnivorous plants congress will be held in the Hortus Leiden. From 11 – 13 August the Hortus will be all about the strange, interesting and beautiful little plants that have stirred the imagination of men since their discovery in the 18th century. Since the Hortus celebrates the 200-year birthday of the Kebun Raya Bogor, the emphasis will be on Indonesian carnivorous plants.

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Hortus closed for Christmas Holidays

The Hortus botanicus will be closed for the Christmas Holidays, from 24 December until 2 January. On January 3th you are most welcome again to visit the gardens and the greenhouses. In 2017 the Hortus also celebrates the Leiden Asia Year and every visitor will receive a free recipebooklet with recipes from Onno Kleyn. At first these recipes are only in Dutch but you can download an English version here shortly.

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Open heritage days 2016

In the weekend of 10 and 11 September the Hortus will be open for the Heritage Days Leyden. In this weekend the oldest botanical garden in The Netherlands will be freely accessible for everybody. Come and enjoy the beautiful garden, and, of course, the monumental glasshouses and Oranjerie (1744).

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24 August: Lecture Japanese vegetables and cereals

Shantonu Abe Chatterjee from Japan, a student at Wageningen University, is writing a thesis on the manuscripts about Japanese vegetables and cereals in the Von Siebold collection: the ‘Agricultural Encyclopaedia’ written by Seikei Zusetusu (1793), which include 134 botanical plates of Japanese vegetables and cereals.

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