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Visit the Old Observatory

The Old Observatory of Leiden is the oldest extant university observatory in the world. From 1 April 2022, you can visit the Observatory by taking an exclusive tour.

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Large team will unravel the hidden biodiversity in the city

Which 'hidden' organisms live in the city? How can we use these organisms to help trees grow better, make concrete more plant-friendly and measure heat stress? Will city dwellers act more environmentally conscious if they let their gardens grow wilder and know more about what lives there? A broad consortium led by Michael Stech will conduct research over the next four years to answer these questions.

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Hortus botanicus puts plants in focus during Leiden2022

On Saturday 23 April 2022, the Hortus botanicus Leiden will start the new programming around science festival European City of Science; in short Leiden2022. Leiden is the first European city to organise a 365-day science festival packed with knowledge, art and skill, intended for everyone with a curious mind. The Hortus, the city's only botanical garden and one of the few places where education and research into plants is facilitated, naturally also plays a role in this. Under the title 'Plants in focus', we offer in-depth activities for people of all ages.

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Planting Moment Tulip Mania

This spring, residents of Leiden can take part in a soil study during the citizen science project 'Tulip Mania’. With the project, DNA researcher Leonie Kaptein and partner Leiden Centre for Applied Bioscience (LCAB) (Hogeschool Leiden) want to learn more about the biodiversity in garden and potting soil.

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Winter Afternoons in the Hortus botanicus Leiden

During the winter months, the Hortus botanicus Leiden organises three cosy and educational Winter Afternoons. A visit to the Hortus becomes even more rewarding: the garden stays open an hour longer, there are market stalls, physics experiments, winter delicacies and more. On 12 December 2021, there is even more to experience than usual.

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‘Amaryllis and relatives’ on display

As of 28 February 2021 at the Hortus botanicus Leiden: the spring exhibition 'Amaryllis and relatives'. 

Please note: the Hortus is closed at least until May 26 2021. The exhibition takes place outside of the paid area and online.

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Wearing a mask in indoor areas is advised

In accordance with policy of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, the Hortus recommends wearing a mask in our indoor areas (Winter garden, café and Tropical greenhouse). Customers that make use of the Orangery are advised to only remove the mask as soon as they actually take a seat for the party / event / meeting.

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